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FHIABA 24” 4 drawer, SS column freezer


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Tony's Cabinets also offers an extended warranty.
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Product Features

  • Antibacterial stainless steel interiors.
  • Freezer temp -9°F low to 9°F high temp
  • OptiView™ LED lighting sysytem
  • ProVent™ ventilation system for uniform distribution of cold air & temp
  • Ice maker with Superice™ function, choose your ice size
  • Integrated water filter system is positioned in the low-temp refrigerator, which helps guarantee bacteria free water. Automatic ice cleaning ccle eliminates any stagnation in the filtration system and thus ensures excellent quality of ice
  • Equilance™ dual-movement patented hinge allows for flush installation
  • Total no frost
  • Soft closing systems and anti-vibration protection
  • 2 Evenlift™ shelves can be adjusted at any height of the fridge
  • Fhiaba Access™ interactive digital menu allows user to easily select the many available functions and to customise the functions of the fridge according to their needs with TFT Dispaly Full Colour
  • Vacation/shopping mode
  • High energy savings and ever increasing respect for the environment
  • Made in Italy